Mother and daughter duo create vegan nail polish line, Serenity

Jasmine (left) and Serenity Phinex (Contrbuted)

By Ariama C. Long

“It started during the pandemic,” began Serenity Nail Polish co-founder Jasmine Phinex. “She always loved getting her nails done, and so one day she asked me to go to the store and I was trying to explain that the stores were closed. At the time my daughter was like 3, and she said ‘[make] Serenity Nail Polish then.’ I took that and was like, you know what, we need to just start our own nail polish company because this is something that she loves and enjoys.”

Phinex’s daughter Serenity, whom the company is named after, is a small child with a big love for getting her nails painted. What started as a moment shared between her and her mom during last year’s pandemic ballooned into an entire business plan to create a non-toxic nail polish brand with a focus on creativity and self-expression for children. 

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