Carel Mukongo launches new summer line of beverageware

Carol Mukongo (Contributed)
By Olayemi Odesanya
Special to the AmNews

“You have to believe in your dream because if you don’t then nobody else will. Jump into your business with no hesitation,” Carel Mukongo advises. “I remember when I first came out with my cup idea, people weren’t really open to spending $2 or $3 on a Styrofoam cup. But I kept applying the pressure and now my cups are international.”

Carel Mukongo is the CEO of Mukongo Inc. and is well-known for his investing and financial literacy mentor sessions. Mukongo hosted numerous one-to-one mentoring sessions about stocks and the expectations of being an investor, the goods and the bad. His clients ranged from people in Brooklyn, USA, to Australia.

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