Sabrina Lamb: World of Money mogul

Sabrina Lamb

By Olayemi Odesanya
Special to the AmNews
Since 2005, the World of Money, a New York City based nonprofit organization, has served youth and their families to help educate them about financial literacy. “We noticed there was a need of people in vulnerable communities to have knowledge of finance literacy. There are organizations and companies who are trained to target minority communities [and] statistically [studies] show we are behind. And that is because we are not taught how to properly budget, and about paying off loans without it escalating with interest fees and etc.,” said World of Money founder and CEO Sabrina Lamb. “So I started this organization to educate. We really focus on working with children so that as they become older and their priorities become larger, they will be prepared.” World of Money has more than 4,000 youth participants not only in the tristate area and in the United States but also in countries in Africa like Senegal, South Africa, Ghana and Rwanda. 

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